Extract the contents of the black box of germanwings aircraft

The French Office of investigations and analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) has managed to successfully extract the contents of the first black box of the plane of Germanwings which crashed Tuesday in the French Alps and was containing the in (VCR) cab voice recordercollecting the conversation of pilots and ambient sound during the last two hours of the flight 4U9525. According to a researcher has revealed, a pilot would have left the cabin and could not enter again, fellow not answered him.

The director of the BEA, Rémi Jouty, has excelled in press conference that a team of specialists from the office he managed to retrieve a file with audio of the first found, black box while I was severely damaged, and has warned that analyze in detail can take days and compare it with data from the plane that contains the second black boxwhich has not yet been located, it could be extended for weeks.

The researchers of the French Office of investigations and analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) do not yet have an explanation for the decline that took place during the final eight minutes before crashing against the ground of Germanwings aircraft on Tuesday in the South of France.

Jouty has ruled out that the plane exploded in flight and said that it flew until it crashed in a mountainous region of the French Alps.

he didn’t specify if the pilots spoke in English or German and also provide details about the collected audio, but it said that understand from takeoff in Barcelona, Spain, until the plane crashed in the southeast of France.

also refused to refer to the possible causes of the accident of the Germanwings Airbus A320 while he was covering the route Barcelona-Dusseldorf. “We have obtained a file with audio data that is usable but it is too soon to draw the minor conclusion about what happened,” said Jouty. “We now have to learn to understand and interpret the sounds and voices,” added.

On the causes of the accident said that “at this time we do not close any hypotheses about the causes of the accident”, including the terrorist, as had been stated this morning the Minister of the Interior of France, Bernard Cazeneuve (see: the black box of the crashed Airbus of Germanwings is very damaged).

“at this time”obviously we are not in the situation of having less explanation or interpretation of the reasons that have led to this aircraft to descend and which could continue descending until the mountain. we can not explain why reason the pilots did not respond to attempts to contact air traffic control that he questioned” added.

The expert denied that the second black box of the plane that would contain the flight parameters has been found already, but “reasonably optimistic” about the resolution of the case was because “we have an exploitable audio file”.

Jouty also was hopeful that rescue teams find second black box, since, as he said, the crash site is large but not “immense, between one and two hectares”.

A pilot came out of the cabin

According to The New York Times, on the recording is heard that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not return, as it would have revealed one of the researchers. “You hear some slight knocks on the door and heard ningura response. Then it returns to beat stronger and there is never a response. Then heard that he tries to pull the door down”, says the American paper.

On Tuesday, killed 150 people to crash in the French Alps a Germanwings aircraft while their pilots sent an emergency signal to air traffic control.


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