European markets that most spend on visits to museums

According to the classification of amusement, five European markets that spent more on tickets or guided tours, museum-related activities taking into account expenditure per person in each reserve, son:Austria: 24,78 EUR United Kingdom: 24,06 euros Ireland: 23,71 eurosSuiza: 23.54 euros. “Germany: 22,04 euros which spend less son:espana: 20,52 eurosItalia: 20,12 Eurosbelgica: 19,73 eurosFrancia: 18,60 eurosHolanda: 17,86 euros.” Museums do not go out of fashion and are still one of the most popular tourist attractions. “An example it had last year in which the museums under the Ministry of culture achieved figures record number of visitors and the Museo del Prado (Madrid), one of the largest in the world, held also its second best year of visits”, said Letizia Stok Director of amusement in our country. This firm provides service in more than 350 cities and more than 50 countries; in Spain, they are present in 25 cities. The Museo Sorolla received 255.047 visitors in 2017.Cabe remember that 16 State-owned museums dependent from the Ministry of education, culture and sport recorded last year a total of 2.963.263 visits, representing one 5.4% increase, marking a new record (more data on visits to museums grow 5.4%). Worldwide, according to the report of amusement, tourists who spend a greater amount to activities related to museums are Mexicans, with a payout average 30,45 EUR per person in each reservation; ahead of the Brazilians, with 30,40 EUR; Argentinos, 28.37 Euro; Australians with 27,95 euro, Canadian, 26.96 euros, and Americans, 26.90 euros..

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