Employment has picked up among travel agencies

The sector of travel agencies and tour operators has been reflecting signs of recovery throughout this past 2014. Both the IATA BSP figures, which have grown more than 4 percent, in a marked change of trend and the employment of the INE, point to a recovery after six years of falls throughout the crisis. All the details in this story of the Revista Hosteltur.

In particular, the levels of employment have been pointing a certain recovery in the past year, with an annual average of 50.665 which represents a growth of 2.2% on 2013.

However, even though that figure represents a rebound after having bottomed out, is still far from the 60.203 affiliated to the Social Security’s annual average of 2008, since which the level of employment has gone down progressively to 49.573 jobs from annual average of 2013.

Agency closures

The behavior of the employment in the sector of travel agencies has its origins in what has happened in this sector which, since the crisis began in late 2007, has been witnessing year after year to successive waves of closures of stores.

A few more virulent closures in the early years, and whose magnitude already tends to stabilize, having stopped along the way to half of the agencies that had seven years ago. In these years, Park agencies in Spain has gone from more than 13,000 offices to the just 7,000 that are currently. These closures occurred in successive waves, coinciding with the fall of each year, after sales of summer.

First wave generated 800 closures and was in the fall of 2008 at a pace that reached 100 fasteners per month after the summer. It was a traumatic fall for an industry accustomed to grow in number of offices every year.

The second wave in the autumn of 2009, was even worse, 1,500 closures, leaving as the worst year for the sector or, at least, which recorded a further decline in activity with declines in sales of about 30%.

The third wave, with 1,000 closures, was in the autumn of 2010 (Marsans bankruptcy), already accumulating the crisis more than 3,000 agencies closures. The fourth wave (2011) closed 500 stores. The fifth wave, in 2012 was more moderate, 200 closures. 2013 also recorded closures (bankruptcy of Orizonia), although to a lesser extent, having been 2014 a year already of some stability.

The full report can be seen in this link to the journal Hosteltur.

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