Edreams is profiled in bag as a horse mackerel value

Ups and downs of the lishing on the bolsa de Madrid of eDreams Odigeo has made experts to put this online in the SAC of the values ’mackerel’, which are those of low quality, volatile and dangerous, given to speculation. However, eDreams quote leads year-round climbing, although far from its beginnings of a year ago.

EDreams Odigeo quote is currently touching the four euros, with occasional peaks that exceed that amount. That is, far from the 1.7 euros in early January, representing an increase of over 100% in so far this year. However, your quote is still a far cry from the more than 10 euros with that started in April.

The latest rally occurred at the beginning of March, when the Group announced its results for the first nine months of its fiscal to 31 December 2014, with a reduction in losses of 43%. That day, 26 February, up almost 7%.

The change of year seems to be him sitting well to eDreams Odigeo, who has seen his quote is located near the four euros, after months below that amount because of successive falls. The last important one was at the end of November, when fell 6% after posting its results for the first nine months of 2014.

That fall came to join the trend downward is online since his debut in the Park, by dragging a loss of stock market value of more than 70% since April. It should be recalled that the listing on stock exchange of eDreams was accusing several debacles since it debuted in the Madrid Park in April, from the more than 10 euros per share from then to fluctuate between 1.80 and 1.60 by the end of 2014. The most important seizure lived it in October with the withdrawal of Iberia from the online offer rates.

This behavior with low, and subsequent recovery, but away from the initial quote, Stock Exchange experts already call eDreams-Odigeo as a value ’mackerel’. I.e., low price and low capitalization, which makes it more volatile and dangerous for investors.

And in this situation have been played two resignations in its directive. First it was an of its founders and up to then CEO, Javier Pérez-Tenessa, who remains tied to the company as Honorary President. His resignation occurred when the value on the company stock had dropped 76% in a year. And now just resign James Hare, which was cons ejero independent and also co-founder, and that has been one year although he was named to three.


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