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Balearic detects overemployment in 72 of the inspected hotels


The Vice President and Ministry of innovation, research and tourism, through the general Directorate of tourism, has unveiled the results of the inspection the overemployment of tourist accommodation establishments-oriented. Within the framework of the campaign, which has been conducted throughout the month of August, tourism inspectors have visited 40 establishments located in different tourist areas […]

Cantabria brings to public information the decree on tourist homes


The Cantabrian Government points out that the “increasingly significant” increase in the use of the private accommodation for tourism and the “proliferation” of this type of holiday rental has led the Department of innovation, industry, tourism and trade to act in order of provide a legal regime to this new type of accommodation. It is […]

Barcelona closes august with 85 occupancy planned


The last week of August follows the trend of recovery and return to the normality of the market already registered the previous week, as explained Casals, in terms of cancellations and bookings, while acknowledging that “even it is early and we must be cautious and see how evolve different segments, for example groups, but we […]

Tourism marketing email is still king


There is concern that new platforms IM canibalicen to the public of the e-mail, but “young people remain faithful to email”, according to analyst eMarketer Jillian Ryan, author of the report recognizes ’ points of email marketing 2017 reference: stable metrics as data create a better context and relevance ’. However, he added, “as to […]

Eurowings continues its expansion plan and seeks 200 pilots and 400 tcp


The company highlights that Eurowings has become the European airline for further expansion in recent months, and to support and consolidate that growth, requires to increase its staff. Eurowings continues its expansion plan and seeks 200 pilots and 400 TCP license c on to the A320.

Big data key to interact with the customer at the right time


The reality of the tourism marketing today is that consumers know that you price and availability vary constantly depending on several factors such as season, weather forecasts, events or the time remaining for the output of the travel. In the context, the more sophisticated methods to refine the data are making it possible that professionals […]

Easyjet announces hands free billing


“The idea is to offer passengers a stress-free travel experience”, said the low-cost British that, Additionally, for the same fee, will allow passengers with the mode ’Hands Free’ boarding priority, after speedy boarding passengers. EasyJet Announces billing hands-free income director of easyJet, Andrew Middelton, he asserted that “the launch of ’Hands Free’ in France this […]

Fankhauser claims are our biggest problem in united kingdom


Their legal teams are “at the law firms presenting claims for disease, warning them that we know that fraud is occurring, and telling them to review their files; We have stopped almost 3,000 claims”. And even has been that a law firm abandoned the claims industry by full – giving up more than 3,500 complaints […]

Pierre vacances will open on 1 september the villages nature paris


The complex should have been ready for this summer season. In fact, the reserves were opened in the month of March, however works have been delayed which has led the company to postpone its opening until the beginning of September.” The construction of the first section of Villages Nature París is nearing completion.

Javier hidalgo tries to reassure the globalia template


Javier Hidalgo confirms “personally that Pedro has resigned as CEO of Globalia”, adding that “his resignation is due to reasons strictly personal, and the company respects and takes the decision taken by our hitherto director generally, at the time that thanks you for the great work this last year; as well as your effort, dedication […]

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