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Carnival paradise sails for the first time heading to cuba


The directors published several videos of the start of the trip in your Facebook account with details about the comfort of the boat and what was described as the greatest Cuban sandwich made at sea. The Carnival Paradise cruise, nearly 260 meters long, 2,052-passenger capacity.

A judge in palma investigates the plot of false claims


The Mallorcan chain hired last summer, in August, a private detective to detect the presence of people of British origin that captured countrymen and encouraged them to submit false claims, taking advantage of the laxity of English law in several of its hotels. After collecting all kinds of evidence (images, audio, people involved and registrations), […]

Aragon agencies denounced the contest of social tourism


The Association believes that the competition only benefits the agency that wins it, and that tends to be one of the great support of an airline. To make it more equitable for the Aragonese 300 agencies, the business organization of agencies suggests that, like the Imserso, the contest is for wholesalers.

Position the brand galicia turismo activo a challenge for the sector


“There are enough active tourism companies who are doing things very well in Galicia but we need lots of information about the real situation of this sector in Galicia, we have to structure it, professionalize ourselves and position ourselves as a brand, first national and internal,” said Agustín Rico, representative of the Association of companies […]

Startups that bet phone open future


The startup Viajala has come to Spain with a product that allows you to search dozens of websites of agencies of trips online, hotels, vacation rentals, low cost airlines, domestic and international, and train tickets in real time. It has been selected by Wayra to help grow providing necessary technology, tools, and funding so it […]

Iberia announces an order 20 aircraft a320neo firm


Iberia announces an order 20 aircraft A320neo this firm order joins the fleet renewal of long RADIUS Iberia launched in 2013 and which represents the incorporation of 36 new aircraft until 2021, which include 16 A350-900 of new generation which will receive from next year. The new A320neo stand out due to the reduction of […]

Us agencies the new application of the veto will mitigate the confusion


As reported by HOSTELTUR tourism in the Supreme news admits to proceedings of Trump appeal to immigration veto, the High Court has admitted to pending the appeal of the President, Donald Trump, against the suspension of immigration veto their Government approved in March. Although this decision does not imply a judicial validation, partially lifting the […]

Avalanche of reserves in the canary islands by the discount of 75 to the transport


Binter Canarias airline reported to Efe that, hour and a half to be effective the new discount to the resident, 2,000 people sailed on his website and in the first three hours of the day, registered sales multiplied by six with respect to the previous Thursday. “It was like an avalanche”, they have highlighted his […]

Usa requires a 280 airports and 180 airlines security policy


“We believe that we have achieved the right balance with these measures,” the Secretary of DHS, John Kelly, told a press conference. DHS is not reporting many details of the new directive.

Manuel cornax dwellings turn cities into theme parks


“It’s an issue that frankly has created much anxiety, a turistificacion of the urban centers is occurring, at sites where there are tourists already there are no indigenous people. “We must prevent by all means they become theme parks where what you see is a papier-mâché that has absolutely nothing to do with what was […]

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