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How will it affect robotics employment in the tourism sectorij


The “robotization” of many processes is currently a reality in serial production-based industries. An evolutionary change that has been assumed as a natural and coming to the tourism industry to optimize processes that do not need a personalized.

Tunisia received 57 million tourists in 2016 14 more


Hamam said that it has increased and improved security at borders, airports, hotels, museums and other public spaces, according to the international regulations. The first outbound market is Algeria, which saw 1.8 million of the total of the 5.7 million received by Tunisia in 2016, followed by Russians, who overcame the 620,000 (see also Russian […]

Bedsonline strongly increased its offer to a 2017 very competitive


The company announced in the framework of Fitur 2017 ended the year with 60% more hotels in its system, increasing from 75,000 to 120,000 properties. Dynamics registered in your product star joins the DT who has lived in its portfolio of complementary products, in which Bedsonline has increased 15% in activities and 25% on the […]

The community of madrid rejects the rate desk


Cifuentes explained that the tourism policy of the Government of the community of Madrid has three principal axes: the rejection of the tourist rates, regulation of the sector and greater collaboration between public and private entities. He defended that it is necessary to find solutions with the sector avoiding the unfair competition which, in his […]

Tripsum find long distance travelers


This platform bases its business in the search and recruitment of potential clients of great voyages, which filters and finally forwarded to the agency that this offered the products marketed. “In the first phase we are offering this service free agencies, until they become familiar and check its efficiency”, adds Jiménez, which is based on […]

Is presented at fitur a digital venture for tourism program


This initiative constitutes a technological hub which Telefónica is a strategic partner and is aimed at companies and entrepreneurs in this vertical. It aims to become the world leader of tourism 4.0.

Smart elevators


“Easier than a botijo mechanism” would be a good description of the mode of operation of an elevator for users. There is a button, or sometimes two, squeezed, comes the cabin, we went and changed plant.

Hotels pop up profile of the millennial traveller hotel technologies


Hotels pop up for high-end tourist lujoEl tourism no longer required using Instagram to be inspired and choose destination for your next vacation, because the new service of ephemeral holiday Black Tomato luxury travel provider, has released Blink, takes you to where has never been anybody before, on a journey that no one has done… […]

The tourism urban is shoot by the technologies and the connections air


The report highlights seven reasons why urban tourism, which motivates the 22% of the movements of pleasure, is the segment that grows more:-a greater urbanization, since residents of cities feel more comfortable in other cities. -Most connections air-trend toward shorter vacations and more-the growing perception to consider cities as unique destinations.

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