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Tourism the sector that most invest in digital projects in two years


The study, however, also reveals the needs of training in digital skills of the tourist companies, showing that continues to be a lack in this area of which are becoming more aware, more than 81% of its directors does not receive it on a regular basis and does not feel to the day. ICEMD has […]

The agencies added 3500 jobs more than a year ago


This descent of November concerning October is framed in the behavior seasonal of the employment in the sector tourist in general, including the agencies of trips. In fact, by 2015, there were also monthly falls in summer, and in October and November from a month earlier.

Bluesense closes your hotel from the mar menor by the rain storm


The area is in situation of disaster having produced floods and major floods, both in the hotel and in the streets and squares of the town with more than 200 people evacuated and rescued 150 of their cars. Following the recommendations of the authorities that is working closely, BlueSense Hotels & Resorts has decided to […]

The production of the bsp soared 8 in november


During the month of November, 4,251 Spanish agencies licensed by IATA made 1.49 billion transactions (including all types of transactions), according to the BSP of the Association air, while production reached 368,3 million euros in that period. The November figures, coupled with the of the ten months before, assume an accumulated annual in the first […]

Aerolaneas argentinas cost and infrastructure productivity lock


Isela Costantini, President of Aerolineas Argentinas, one of the most anticipated panels integrated into the Argentine Spanish Tourism Symposium, which will take place from 12 to 14 December in Buenos Aires. The theme that the summons is it connectivity air as key to the development of them destinations tourist.

New technologies of direct selling for airlines


In particular, ITA Software is responsible for the policy of pricing (pricing) and purchasing processes (shopping), facilitating Indra the rates and availability of air tickets, while Indra will assume the part focused on merchandising, looking for the most appropriate techniques to make business operations more profitable for customers, while the more satisfying to consumers. To […]

The mobile reservations will reach 40% in 2017


Bookings via mobile is the faster growing segment in the United States, being the online agencies who are leading this trend. For 2017, four of every ten dollars by an OTA will come from bookings made through a smartphone or tablet. According to data from PhoCusWright, revenues from mobile reserves in the country for online […]

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