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The apartments are leading growth in overnight stays in october


The overnight stays by residents increased by 5.7% and 11.1% nonresidents. The average stay is 5.0 overnight stays by traveller.

Five technologies that hotels cannot ignore in 2017


These are the five hotel technologies which according to Jos Schaap, CEO and founder of StayNTouch, will have an impact on service to the customer this year. 1.

Marketing online before the evolution of the 5g and virtual reality


Virtual reality and the 5G connectivity will enable immersive experiences through our smartphone. While live the hangover of the 4 G in our devices mobile, through which the conversations in time real or them broadcasts live is have returned usual, the 5 G threatens dangerously our form of understand the market.

The quality of the wifi in the hotel essential to retain customers


As reported by tourism in infographics news HOSTELTUR: a bad wifi network generates losses, a low-speed wifi network can generate losses for hotels, since they leave unsatisfied users that the network falls when they are connected or they cannot access certain features such as video conferencing. He find WiFiRoom, organized by computer he cut English […]

Barcelona receives one 17 increase in cruise passengers as port base until october


As reported by HOSTELTUR news for tourism in Barcelona ends the summer with an increase of 8%, until September cruise, indicating a rise of 8% over the first nine months of last year, some positive data generated after a 7% rise registered in August, when it totaled 1.7 million, and another 6 percent recorded in […]

The technology allows hoteliers to retake control of the distribution


In the segment urban also allows, as has explained Javier Pardo, director commercial of NH Hotel Group for Spain, Portugal and Andorra, “bring us of way more customized to the client with content dynamic, corporate or holiday depending on if the dates that is looking for are in weekend or working”. Also les facilitates “a […]

Tui provides an increase in reserves and expenditure for canary islands in 2017


Them customers that decide with advance book their holiday count with a great selection of offers and discounts for them children in the hotels of it range TUI Magic, Life, Blue and TUI Family Life, said the Member of the Committee of Executive of the company, Sebastian Ebel, during a wheel of press. Gran canaria […]

The pilots of lufthansa and the tcp of eurowings first strike this week


As he had warned last week, Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), the Trade Union of pilots of Lufthansa has invited the group to a stoppage of activities that will affect the flights of short and long RADIUS between the 00: 01 and 23:59 hours, after having failed the fourteenth negotiation of the agreement, which still has […]

Born the federation eapyme for digitizing smes and freelancers


The organizations that have promoted this initiative and representing some of the sectors with greater weight in the Spanish economy are: the Spanish Logistics Centre (CEL), the center of innovation for logistics and transport by road (CITET), the Spanish Confederation of business information technologies, communications and electronics (CONETIC), the Spanish hotel and catering Federation (FEHR) […]

Expedia stands at 17 mobile reservations from spain

expedia-stands-at-17-mobile-reservations-from-spain has increased 70% its reservations via mobile phone in Spain during the first quarter, a period in which 17% of total transactions of the Group made in Spain were conducted through mobile devices, with an increase in the average price of 8%. 26% of bookings made in Spain via mobile devices were carried out […]

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