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The senior traveler prefers the mobile


In Spain, half of those older than 65 to 74 years used the mobile in your everyday life. In what it refers to Internet and to them computers, so only a 17% has used a PC, according to a survey of the Institute national of statistics.

Countdown to the brexit tourist expenditure of spaniards saloufest


10 tips for doing tourist business after the Brexit the British Government will formally request the output of the European Union at the end of March 2017. A period of negotiations of two years will then open to resolve multiple aspects related to the world of business, travel, etc.

50 of tourism with cultural motivation to visit the heritage cities


According to exposed Elena snow, Mayor of Caceres and Chairperson of the World Heritage cities group, “cultural tourism every year attracts more travelers and visitors not only looking for Sun and beach destinations, wants an active tourism, experiences, cultural …”. At the time that said that these cities is “an added value that is added […]

The brexit starts to count down in march


It may has cleared one of the biggest questions after the victory of the Brexit in the referendum held on 23 June. In a statement to the BBC, the head of the Government unveiled for the first time a specific timetable on the future negotiations for British withdrawal from the European block.

Tui group hires a fourth executive of vodafone


TUI Group has appointed Frank Rosenberger as new director of strategy with effect from today on October 1, as he explained the company in a statement. The steering is incorporated from Vodafone Group, a firm to which also belonged other three big signings of TUI, including its current CEO, Friedrich Joussen. Rosenberger was up to […]

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