Archive for: July, 2016

Cehat supports the booking strategy to deal with the illegal offer


In recent months, the Confederation has held various working meetings with the world leading digital distribution company and has observed the effect of putting up measures for the fulfilment of the tourist legality which had announced her in them. More specifically, announced its firm commitment to comply with local, regional and national laws worldwide, starting […]

The basque country committed to the free wifi to attract more tourists


To have access to the internet free of charge, visitors will have to download an application that will provide 150,000 connection points throughout the territory, especially in hotels and trade areas. From there, they will have five days of wifi free and may renew this service three months more later if they return to the […]

The closure of lowcosttravelgroup leaves debts by more than 50 ma


Some 110,000 customers had booked travel for the next few weeks by the OTA, and about 27,000 customers in hotels around the world, according to Travel Weekly. Sources in the sector in Spain have told HOSTELTUR that calculated that the company may have, at this point, 80% of the total amount of tourists in various […]

The time lapse as element in the strategy of video marketing


Content through video consumption has been consolidated and has become democratized with the emergence of mobile devices. It is a revolution which has occurred in the audiovisual content, from the classic tube TV to be able to consume video virtually anywhere and in real time.

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