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Hotels innovative last days to participate in project pilot


The Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) and Segittur has selected those technologies that help the hotel industry in their processes of marketing, visibility on internet, improving loyalty, accessibility and optimisation of processes, such as the management of human resources, infrastructure, management and customer interaction , among others. Call for proposals have been submitted 10 entrepreneurs with […]

The four technologies that come to transform hotels


Big data the big data already present in the hotel every day, although as said María Luisa Rodríguez, responsible for NH Hotel Group (CIO) systems, “often is not clear the difference between big data and small data.” “What is essential is that can obtain the information necessary to take them decisions strategic appropriate for the […]

Photonews i am a rogue i am a gentleman and flight on 787


J.J. Hidalgo and Julio Iglesias have gone to Madrid-Barajas airport to see the new aircraft, which landed last week in the Spanish capital from the plant of Boeing in Charleston.

Ibiza will feature an observatory of tourism and society


The new body will be based in the school of tourism and will organize in search and research teams, which correspond to the areas of research and analysis that are considered necessary. According to the President of the Ibiza Consell, Vicent Torres, companies Ibiza will have big benefits thanks to adequate data and studies that […]

The new brand azzahar hotels will feature nine establishments in 2021


According to explains the company in a statement, the last month of January Visasur real estate and Nemesis Capital spent to be them investors main of the company CR Bussines. These partners, in their majority position, are placed with 70% of the share capital divided by 40% and 30% respectively.

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