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The chinese fund hna closes purchase of swissport by 2537 m a


The French private equity firm PAI Partners has sold for 2.7 billion Swiss francs (2,537 M €) company specializing in handling Swissport to Chinese conglomerate HNA group, main sovereign wealth fund shareholder of the NH Hotel chain and owner, among other assets, of Hainan Airlines, the fourth largest airline of China. Operation will be one […]

Tunisia and greece will cost thomas cook more than 35 m a


Thomas Cook estimated that the events in Tunisia and the possible output of the euro in Greece will be an impact of 25 million pounds (35.6 million euros) in profits before taxes (EBIT) for the whole of the year 2015. Group today announced the results for the first nine months of its fiscal year, that […]

The sovereigntist process discourages hotel investments in barcelona


Accommodation moratorium decreed by Ada Colau in Barcelona is not the only factor that has slowed new hotel projects in the city, up to 40. The sovereigntist process living in Catalonia, with the eye on the September 27 elections, has also stopped in dry investor interest from several Latin American fortunes. So points it the […]

The oldest hotel in santander on sale for a 55 m


The hotel building oldest city of Santander, located in calle Ataúlfo Argenta number 5, and it was the Central Hotel initially is on sale for a price tag of 5.5 million euros. Property is near the Center loot and, as indicated from the property, the operation has been entrusted to Aguirre Newman. The main building […]

Gdp accelerates its quarterly growth one tenth to 1


The Spanish economy grew by 1% in the second quarter of the year, one tenth more than what they did in the previous quarter, according to the advance of the quarterly national accounts data published on Thursday by the National Institute of statistics (INE). The rate year on year, on the other hand, stood at […]

Wreckage of plane in the pacific could belong to the unit of malaysia airlines


France authorities are investigating whether the fragment of what looks like the wing of a plane, found on the beaches of the Réunion overseas Department of France in the Indian Ocean, belongs to the plane of Malaysia Airlines, disappeared without a trace on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board , when it operated […]

The moratorium of barcelona slows the opening of 40 new hotels


Hotels in Barcelona that are for sale have appreciated up to 15% after the moratorium in the licensing of lodging decreed by the Ada Colau Mayor on July 2. In addition, 40 projects of new hotels have been paralyzed. Hotels with license sales prices have risen artificially in a few weeks to come into effect […]

German agencies sold one 22 increase in the first half


The German agencies in the first six months of 2015 sales have risen by 2.5% over the previous year, according to data from the travel agencies mirror of the consultancy report ta-ts. June turnover contributed to this growth, especially was recorded an advance of 5.7% over the same month of 2014, well above the previous […]

Wyndham premiered an adults only hotel in dominican republic


Viva Wyndham Resorts announced that in November of this year it is scheduled the opening of its V Samana hotel, an all inclusive only adult 144 rooms, located in Las Terrenas, town of the northern coast of Dominican Republic. 144 rooms, there will be 48 to merged view to the sea and private pool and […]

China leads the number of hotels under construction with 452 projects


China is the country where there are more hotels under construction, a total of 452 posed 145.167 rooms, according to the consulting firm STR Global reports. As a whole, the Asia-Pacific region leads the number of rooms in development, with 554.532, distributed in 2,363 hotels. After China stand out in this area of Indonesia (27.243 […]

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