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Thomas cook reserves still counting decreases


According to data reported up to February 5th, in both cases are in line with the cut ability, something that also happens in the markets of East and Western Europe, where France has the highest weight. There have been a great influence the decline of demand towards the North of Africa.

The andalusian ports reduce occupation and cheaper berths by the crisis


The crisis has left the occupation by an average of 60% in the 16 ports of privately run as part of the Marine Association of Andalusia and representing two thirds of the ties in the region, as explained to Efe its President, José Carlos Martín. Faced with difficulties that existed a few years ago to […]

Thomas cook sells its participation in the indian company tcil


The group says that it has received numerous expressions of interest by taking a share of the company by third parties and therefore it has decided to formalize the process. The CEO of Thomas Cook, Sam Weihagen, has assured that it will sell its participation if you see an “attractive” offer, which will help the […]

Plus ultra airlines takes off this summer


This summer started Plus Ultra lines aerial operations, as reported to HOSTELTUR, tourism news, sources knowledgeable of the business plan that has an initial investment of 100 million euros. The new company, with 100% Spanish capital, will operate in the long RADIUS to destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean countries as a line of […]

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