Archive for: September, 2013

Containers experiences and accessible tourism hotels


Into travelers unlimited we define “containers, experiences” as those hotels who work in “intelligent accessibility“, have an “accessible environment” exists “involvement” of the staff of the hotel and at the end of the day lets worry only remember” experiences along of the day and be able to “share the” with friends on social networks. To […]

Vacation packages and purchase flash methods to save among americans


According to the ’Traveler Confidence Report’, an annual report by the Agency, another 40% of American consumers will try to reduce the budget by leveraging familiar offerings under the term ’ opaque hotels’ – opaque or hidden hotels. This formula, which are increasingly using the North American online, consists of making large discounts on the […]

Haiti is planning its first new generation resort for 2014


Stéphanie Villedrouin, Minister of tourism, explains in this interview strategy that will follow to regain the confidence of investors and tourists. Before joining the Government, Stéphanie Villedrouin worked as Director of hotel and was an active member of the Tourist Association of Haiti, created in 1956. New Tourism Minister chatted with Hosteltur news tourism during […]

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