Containers experiences and accessible tourism hotels

Into travelers unlimited we define “containers, experiences” as those hotels who work in “intelligent accessibility“, have an “accessible environment” exists “involvement” of the staff of the hotel and at the end of the day lets worry only remember” experiences along of the day and be able to “share the” with friends on social networks.

To get an idea of the importance of the hotel for a traveller with a disability could make the comparison with an Artichoke in which the different layers are routes, monuments, restaurants, etc and the heart of the artichoke, the juiciest part is the hotel, the “container of experiences”. and for what this term so far-fetched? simply to highlight the importancehotels that have the levels of accessibility are perfectly segmented in such a way that persons who reach it previously know what they will find and how they will engage in the.

We are going to approach this definition by squeezing one one the concepts that define a “container of experiences”

1.-intelligent accessibility: is one that allows the re use of resources. Thus accessible rooms at a hotel become the most desired by any client, if you have a different capacity for obvious reasons and if you don’t have it because it is a superior room (more comfortable, convenient and wide) to the price of a standard room.

2º.-accessible environment: destinations are a whole that consists of routes, gastronomy, monuments and hotels, it is therefore necessary to join efforts and work together in all branches of the destination so that accessibility is not limited to inside the hotel but extends to the surrounding areas and environments that form the destination x.

3º.-implicacion: is essential to achieve a useful, easy accessibility and that contribution value. Involvement in all levels of the hotel establishment does to get levels of accessibility, so important to the traveler to feel better than in your home. Involvement get a “social accessibility” which feeds from the contributions from the staff of the hotel and also of them that make the traveller s after their experience in the establishment.

4.-remember: when we arrived at a hotel and our main concern is to remember while we shower, take something in the cafeteria or enjoy dinner, the experiences that we have experienced during the day knowing the destination, is not a hotel it is a container of experiences where the traveler feel so at ease and so free that you wander through it without worrying of high towel racks, mirrors in which it is impossible to look at or showers that lack them a shelf for toiletries products.

5.-share: A container of experiences should allow us to share with our friends at social networks what we liked from the day that we have experienced. I do not mean that if the wi-fi should be or not payment but the need to include software in the computers of the hotels that allows to the people with visual impairments “see” where are browsing.

If we consider the Group of people who want to travel and have a different ability as a “market segment” will be able to make profitable investments, arrive at different niches in this market (nearly as many as disabilities) effectively and most importantly provide us an competitive advantage and value added front destinations and hotels that have not opted to work on accessibility.

Our concept of “container of experiencesis part of what we call as “inclusive tourismwhere add including instead of dividing excluding.because include is cheaper than exclude (will do two bathrooms instead of three, a door instead of two, a ramp for everyone or a route to explore common to all).

Travellers unlimited has been working since more than one year ago with several Spanish destinations and elsewhere in the world from its factory of ideas “Magellan Project” having got the “accessible positioning” of various destinations in which is has increased between 2 and 7% overnightin their hotels or increased use of active tourism companies for part of travelers with disabilities.


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