Colomer the new tourism law multiplied sanctions by intrusion

How has behaved in the Valencian Community tourism in 2017? It has been a year really well in quantitative terms. We have made progress in two areas that looked like us two great challenges: the fight against seasonality and the improvement of profitability. We have also taken a step forward in the quantitative aspect and, in addition to the Sun and the beach which is a product that we has traditionally positioned markets are rediscovering the potential of this community in culture, gastronomy, active tourism, experiences or in rural tourism. How do they face the Brexit? To date, the British market, the main international issuer in the Valencian Community, has not suffered. It presents a good behavior in number and spending. It is also important in residential tourism, we have British colonies in different areas, especially in the South. It is a very important market and we have strengthened the promotion in the United Kingdom. What are the main contributions of tourism and leisure, law recently approved by the Generalitat Valenciana? One of the main innovations of the new regulation, which is already in parliamentary headquarters – final approval depends on the calendar of the Parliament-is that we multiply by 20 penalties to deter or stop the intrusion and unfair competition, I think that is the big problem that have destinations. We are doing much pedagogy against the intrusion, but the law has to consider also other things, empower others, and deter. It is a proposal of value, not just an administrative measure without more. The articles makes an exaltation of the territorial structuring and the qualification, competitiveness, human capital, knowledge creation and its transfer to the sector or the landscape as a great incubator of new products. It is an authentic transcription of global code of ethics for tourism to the Valencian law on rights and obligations for all actors in the sector and thus has recognized us UNWTO on several occasions. Francesc Colomer. In addition, introduces a new system of collaborative governance… The Act introduces different elements of governance. In the direction of the tourism policy will be entrepreneurs, trade unions, universities, Chamber of Commerce, tourist marks, which are the Councils, major cities, and us, the Valencian Government, 50%. In addition, the law shall regulate the future of Valencia tourism agency which will be called Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, but changed its whole philosophy. in what to note the major change of the Agency? In the form and at the bottom. On the way to decide, in democracy forms are as important as the content. Therefore in the organ of governance of the regional policy will be all the sector, throughout the ecosystem, public and private, over the Ethics Committee. The challenge was to coordinate all the administrations of the territory. And the contents of the law are loaded with information, research, culture, heritage and landscape, as the main identity of the tourism model we are looking for more entertainment and ethics. With respect to intrusiveness and unfair competition, how is your relationship with the hosting platforms? With some platforms have reached agreements with others, we have open sanctioning that we have carried up to the ultimate consequences, since we are talking about multinational, global giants, and it may not deter anecdotal sanctions. We have a table against the intrusion, where are companies, consumers, the municipalities and the regional police force. In this regard, we also have that collaborative governance. In addition to sanctions, they develop other types of measures? We try to also do much teaching with the purpose of linking the only one that generates brand, prestige and reputation, while we focus on the underground as something degrading and that can frustrate a consumer if experience is left to guide the legal offer by This type of offers, which may also end up being a fraud. Are control over the illegal offer campaign results is giving? We have managed to emerge this year considerable numbers of dwellings, 3,000 more than the previous year. We have made a permanent revision work, inspection, with the means that we have, that there are certainly few. In addition, on several occasions, we have moved to the Ministry of tourism the need to harmonize the legislation. We believe that Spain should play a stronger role at the heart of the European Union in the field of collaborative economics. This has come to stay and feel me great, but another thing is to commercialize accommodations that do not have neither the registration number. It is the least that we ask, is a minimum guarantee of quality and we have taken it seriously. A home that does not have registration number cannot be in circulation. This is what platforms should assume, some have done so and we have sanctioned that have not done so. One of the major issues that are on the table is the implantation of the tourist tax, demanded by some opposition groups… Total respect for what the courts legislate, but our position is contrary to establish a tourist tax. I do not see it for several reasons. On the one hand, because there are still very sensitive markets to price – in United Kingdom can fall by the Brexit-purchasing power; on the other hand, it seems unfair to apply a rate is only for accommodation, when it is one of the tourism activities that strives to have markets, bringing people who ultimately consume in shops, restaurants, transport or theatres. Not to mention a more philosophical concept, as it is entertainment, that has to do with an attribute of our tourist territory. Not we refer to tourists our insolvency or our inability to organize the city, the tourist pays for everything. Therefore, in that most philosophical aspect I don’t see a rate for the tourist who already pays for everything..

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