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Sergio Couto joins as Business Development Manager


After the official presentation of the Social Network Rail which took place last November, template expands with this new addition is specifically geared to business development. Among the functions that will develop the new Business Development Manager Nudoss .com highlights the development of the various lines of business, membership of social network partners to cruise […]

Tourism, lever underused brand Spain


The Spanish tourism industry should be used as “a powerful cross-indexing feature, that marked new goals for the brand Spain “according argues Raul Peralba , president of consulting firm Positioning Systems. When we talk about a brand, what mistakes or starting stereotypes often make? Overall, the most common mistake is the loss of objectivity and openness. We must never forget […]

International Prize for a thesis that explores the tourist image of Catalonia 2.0 on Internet


A doctoral thesis Estela Mariné Roig , under the supervision of Salvador Anton Clavé , has been awarded the ‘Thesis Excellence Award for a Doctoral Thesis’ of the International Federation for Information Technologies and Travel & Tourism (IFITT). The work has been honored for his “innovative, scientific rigor and relevance in the field of tourism”. […]

Turespaña calls for caution before a volatile 2015


The growth in foreign tourist arrivals continue into the first quarter of 2015, according to the latest report by Coyuntur Turespaña . However, the quarterly newsletter of tourism trends warns that “these provisions must be taken with caution” before the volatile economic and political conditions that may affect the main markets. Recall that Spain won […]

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