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Lufthansa opens a branch for the training of cabin crew


Lufthansa opens a new subsidiary for the training of cabin crew (TCP) in Munich under the name Lufthansa Aviation Training, as reported by the company in a statement. The new organization will provide a single management for existing independent companies that are responsible for the training of cabin crew: Lufthansa flight training and Swiss aviation […]

Chinese companies looking for opportunities in tourism


Under the title TOP 55 1, the subject of HOSTELTUR magazine’s January cover includes a selection of trends, personalities, companies and destinations that will be protagonists in 2016. One of the initiatives that will continue to dominate this year is the growing interest of Chinese companies by acquiring assets in Spain, especially in the tourism […]

Tourism ranks among the sectors that will lead to the creation of employment


The creation of employment in the coming years will be led by technological sectors and of r & d, the tourism and leisure, health and welfare and the energy sector, according to a report on the future of work in Spain, prepared by Adecco in collaboration with Opinno. The study points out that these sectors […]

Turisme de barcelona tourism management has become more complex


Barcelona receives 29 million visitors annually and half asleep in the Catalan capital, which has 125,000 regulated accommodation places. But the impact of collaborative economics has done to proliferate thousands of tourist apartments, many without legalize.

Greece tourism record in 2015


The citizens of Greece will never forget the summer of 2015, when Athens had to agree on a third bailout with international lenders, was decreed a playpen to prevent massive withdrawals of money in the banks and in September were called early elections. But despite that period of political and economic instability, its tourism sector […]

The shopping tourism key tool in the marketing of destinations


Shopping tourism is already one of the main motivations of people when choosing a destination for your vacation. Thus becomes one of the main drivers of the transformation of strategies for the promotion of destinations around the world, as they concluded the speakers who participated in the second Conference on this segment, organized by the […]

Expo hotels increases 26 turnover in five years


Expo Hotels & Resorts manages more than 2,900 rooms and employs more than 1,400 people. The chain has recorded a sustained growth in its turnover during the last five years (26%). The hotel meets four decades of life, consolidating itself as expanding hotel group.

The mobile reserves to feed to the ota in asia


Asian markets show a strong growth of the segment online, especially driven by the impulse that is assuming the popularity of the use of mobile phones, an opportunity that are taking advantage of online agencies in particular to win customers. The potential of the emerging online segment will remain in the coming years, stimulated in […]

The future of mobile applications goes through the wearables


Book a hotel room, take inspiration for the next trip, weekly shopping or even getting a taxi, anything is possible via our mobile phones. That is not surprising that in 2015 is expected that applications for smartphones market grow by 113%, especially in Spain, which leads the use of smartphones in Europe.

The ota will lead the conversion of china in the largest mobile market reserves in 2016


China will become the largest market of online reservations through mobile in 2016 and will be big online agencies that will lead the process, in which numerous startup have become a strong competition. According to the consulting firm Phocuswright, the sector moved into the country 10,000 million dollars (8.900 million euros) by 2014, which was […]

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