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Why will booking holding win the race of the collaborative economy


Companies like Uber and Airbnb have neither a decade of life but are already worth tens of billions of dollars. Booking Holding remains still an advantage with a market capitalization of $ 100,000 million, but some areas of its business has been affected by the collaborative economy certainly.

Riu buy a resort in zanzibar


The now renowned Riu Palace Zanzibar is a 102 rooms and suites hotel located in the far north of Unguja, the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago, less than an hour from the airport and the capital, Zanzibar city, whose historical centre is known as Stone Town.Riu buy a resort in Zanzibar the hotel belongs […]

Foreign demand slows but increases spending on target


Exceltur report indicates that if the increase in tourist spending is consolidated in the coming months it would be an indication that the Spanish tourist sector has begun a strategy of growth more sustainable and socially more acceptable. In the first quarter, total spending on destination of foreign demand increased 4.9%.

Air europa launches a new brand to book their flights with hotel


From now on, the airline of the Globalia group allows the user to formalize bookings and hire online flights or flights more accommodation, as well as it offers the possibility of hiring other tourist services also. “This new brand gives the airline, and by extension to the Globalia group, an important added value to expand […]

Tourism enterprises more chosen by the spanish company traveler


According to Angel Garcia BUTRAGUEÑO, head of the Division of tourism and leisure of Braintrust, “the increase in the importance of the customer experience with the price, which is still a major factor when choosing a provider, and new strategies of” loyalty beyond traditional customer loyalty cards, are fields to explore by tourist companies to […]

Globalia leaves behind the losses won a 165 million in 2017


In particular, the Group recorded a consolidated revenue of 3.667 million euros compared to 3,545 million in 2016, representing one 3.5% increase. In terms of Ebitda stood at 102 million euros, as explained Globalia.Globalia President leaves behind the losses: won 16.5 M € in 2017, “it’s been a positive twist to the accounts.

W premieres in ibiza marriott and commissions trs yucatan sercotel


W Ibiza open in 2019 after investing € 80 M W Hotels Worldwide, a brand owned by Marriott International, has made public its plans of expansion in Spain with the opening of its hotel W Ibiza in the summer of 2019. Owned by Inversions Hoteleres Ebza SL, W Ibiza will be located in the Ibizan […]

Alpitour vs avoris traveltool travel combined bedsonline


Alpitour stays with Eden Viaggi, which was negotiating with Avoris the operation of Eden Viaggi, the second Italian tour operator, has taken an unexpected turn. Avoris (owned by Barceló) was negotiating its purchase to compete with Alpitour, whose goal ahead to this newspaper the co-Chairman of Barcelo.

Morocco missing infrastructure to compete with the spanish beaches


However, Morocco is betting future by increasing its range of ’Sun and Beach’. The destination star in this segment is, by far, Agadir, situated in the Atlantic.

Barcelona european airport that earns more intercontinental routes in 2017


The intercontinental air traffic soared last year in the airport catalan reaching record of 4.7 million passengers ( 18.5%). In fact, this type of traffic has grown since 2005 at an annual rate of 13.8% and has become the main door entry or exit of passengers to Spain from Asia, Africa and Middle East to […]

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