Catalan if in spain we do 10 hotels per year it is better that i removed president

A year ago they presented the union of AC and Marriott, how did evolution?

This year has been the happiest and the most complicated I’ve ever had in my life because it has been the year of the installation … not for me, in general for all the people of AC, because we have had to change all the complete systems, have developed a titanic job but is finally completed at all. And the truth is that this year will be the year of AC.

I know that there are some establishments that after NATO decided to disassociate itself from the chain.

More than they, us. I understand that there are some hotels that we should draw from the brand. We now have no problem growing, in fact we are doing 27 hotels outside Spain. But for us today a hotel has to maintain a set of standards. I believe that we have sufficient capacity for fatter hotels. For example we are now with the Iberia, we open it within three months in Las Palmas, with 300 rooms. We take hotel de Móstoles and some more on the periphery for a reason: because we are not able to compete at 50 euros. A hotel that is below 75 euros price average will not be in AC. But they are marginal cases. If we take some more hotel will be on the periphery. Our goal is the center of the city. In addition, we know where we need to be. Two hotels in Russia, two in Turkey or which opened in nice in a few months if we have or not Móstoles or Getafe are much more important for me… And is has also quite changed the configuration of the cities.

and how is the relationship with Marriott?

With Marriot relationship is excellent, we are true partners. Brand standards us and we define them is not that we feel we Marriot, I say to all the people of Marriot: ’I am Marriot much more than you’ [smiles]. As a partner you try us you. I mean for the volume that we have … I think the deal is quite endearing … I go to Washington, I see Mr. Marriott, invites me to dinner at his house …

There are establishments that are part of Marriott and the Abama Hotel Arts in Barcelona, there is a link now with them?

For me today, for example, the Abama is family, as well as for any AC by Marriot. Multiple brands that has Marriott we are one, we are the brand 4 star modern. And there are many links between all those who integrate the Marriot world.

Program Marriot Rewards, recently launched, do you think that more tourists to hotels in AC in Spain will attract?

There that I have no doubts because where it has been implemented the program, specifically in the Autograph from March, the increase has been noticed. For example in the Granada has increased 80% RevPar. The Alliance has been a full success and this is not a merit of Antonio Catalán, is a merit of the family-AC. Like I always say, we are today more than last year. Last year we were BC and today we are AC by Marriot.

Alliance and internationalization, are setting the strategy …

Hotels in Russia, in Latin America, I’m more time in Latin America than in Spain, in France, in United Kingdom we are behind several things we are doing … in Spain, there are a lot of projects that we are going to close shortly …. I think that we have a great partnership. We have 27 stories up now will be done, but I think that this year must be a year pretty explosive on the subject of expansion.

He cited some projects, it could tell us something more about this expansion?

Out of Spain, as Marriot is a world of surprises will depend on the business that are our developers. I’ll explain to them that it is better to be AC by Marriot than other brands. And in Spain we have it easy. I.e. If in Spain we do 10 hotels per year it is better that I removed from President [smiles].

and in Spain, any other hotel that will open soon?

Man, about to have an operation that I can’t tell you. Of the fat… We are very moved …

In Tenerife had intention to enter …

I think that if we do not sign this afternoon we will sign within a week, because they are contracts on the table.

from what kind of hotel you would be talking about?

4-star 150-room …

Low Autograph Collection there are five hotels in Spain, there will be new additions?

In Spain I think that you expected any more than we are seeing now. It’s very special hotels. And well, as it is fashionable now we will see what happens with the House, we will be in the front row. We would be a great partner because we have a market that nobody does it at the international level and I think that House is substantially improved.

would you fit one of the establishments in the mark Autograph collection?

Some would fit in Autograph … what happens is that House is a “marcon”. The key is how is sold out.

As for other brands, for Edition provided a hotel in Barcelona.

Edition is a somewhat special … more complex than the rest. This project stands a little slowed down, rather. But well, we at Barcelona have many possibilities for other things.

The full interview has been published in the revista Hosteltur of February and you can also download in the pdf attached to the story.


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