Cancellations unforeseen in the third day of air strikes in france

A dozen of flights have been cancelled today, at the last moment and without prior notice, at 08:00 (07.00 GMT) local time at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, when yesterday at throughout the day had been suspended thirty.
< br / > Air France today reiterated forecasts that had anticipated yesterday for this third day of strike: keep 60% of long-haul connections and 70% of short and medium-haul.

on the eve, the airline reported that it operated 70% of their flights, so long as short and medium-haul, most of those who initially had scheduled.
< br / > however, the National Union of line pilots (SNPL) said that yesterday’s unemployment affected 50% of medium-distance flights and 45% of the length tour, with a mean follow-up of 55% of strikers. Today, the SNPL expected a mobilisation similar.

measuring blood pressure, which began Monday, is organized by unions of pilots and personal Navigator and land until tomorrow, Thursday, in protest against a law proposal of the conservative French Government to force strikers to report the measure 48 hours in advance so companies can organize and inform travellers.


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