Born woutel the unique reservation website where hotels are those who find guests

Woutel is the only website where hotels can find guests interested in your product and contact them in a totally personalized way.

Woutel technology enables the user to define the characteristics of your booking so that the hotels can offer you personalized and private conditions.To treat specific conditions, hotels can offer better prices and conditions than those published in other portals.

Woutel offers hotels in all price categories, from hostels to 5 star, common to them is that all properties enjoy the best ratings from the public. Thus Woutel offers added value to save time the user in the search for a quality hotel, regardless of the budget.

how Woutel?

Operation is innovative but simple: the user only has to define the conditions of their stay and wait three days to get Woutel obtain the best conditions of its hotels. Woutel informs the guest in a single mail from all the alternatives of stay and if the guest is interested in any offer you can book directly with the hotel.

What are the advantages of using Woutel against the impersonal and less flexible booking engines?


best conditions: when you contact private between guest and hotel, the hotel can publish better conditions than those that appear on public pages. This is possible because Woutel load to the hotel between 40 and 70% less than other intermediaries such as or Expedia. Each offer is personal between the hotel and the guest by what the user ensures a competitive price.


the best properties: all Woutel hotels are synonymous with excellence, being selected to one based on the level of satisfaction of its clients, saving time and giving added value to each search host.

✔ attention.

Woutel allows a direct contact by email, chat or phone to attend the public not only during the booking process but also during and after the stay.

From April, Woutel added features…

✔ custom search: the user can define what elements are essential and accessories in your hotel search. So you can differentiate if guests wish to have WiFi for professional reasons or reasons not so urgent, if the hot tub is essential or accessory, etc. Providing the ultrapersonalizacion as requested by guests and hotels Woutel.


Flexifecha: the user can define aspects of flexibility of date, being the only portal of hotel brokerage that enables it. how will benefit the user of this feature? You can specify that it is available for travel between 7 and 10 nights throughout the month of August with only 4 clicks (being more than 100 searches in the current booking engines) the hotel may inform the guest of the most economical period within the selection.

✔ Extranet: Communications between hotel and guest will be directly in an exclusive section of page for each user. A personal space where he can access current and past bids without leaving Woutel.

✔ information on equipment and services: Woutel shows the user what can be found and what you cannot find in the hotel, attending 25 features most requested by guests. Also advises in a way clear which of these aspects represent an extra cost and the amount of the same.

Woutel has chosen Sevilla to begin its marketing, betting on a city of undeniable tourist attraction and where hotels are better valued nationwide.

For more information: Tel. ( 34) 678 717 319. Web: email:


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