Bipartisanship does not work between the tourist groups

Analysis / the Spanish political landscape is attending the end of bipartisanship that starring PP and PSOE, with the dazzling appearance of alternatives as we can. Bridging the gap and allowing me the license to use the political hook as this analysis, I think that the Spanish sector of large tourist groups takes the same path. After apparent bipolarity Globalia-Barcelo created the bankruptcy of Marsans and Orizonia, it seems that the Spanish market is not two things as evidenced by the emergence of other actors such as Gowaii and Wamos.

In the large European tourist markets years ago it went through a process of concentration which has left the bulk of the business in the hands of a few. Seven years to the absorption of First Choice by TUI happened of My Travel by Thomas Cook leaving Europe concentrate on these two great megagrupos.

But Spain is different. For starters, none of these pan-European megagrupos have a significant presence in the national transmitter. TUI tried it year ago with agencies Tui travel center network that did not materialize. And First Choice ended up reselling Viajes Barceló to its founders. The conclusion is that the idiosyncrasies of the Spanish sector is incomprehensible and unpalatable to large international groups.

Things, less than two years ago everything indicated that the Spanish industry was heading for a situation of national bipolar around two groups (Globalia and Barcelo) who had survived the debacle. A sector where he lived four large groups for decades (Marsans, Barcelo, Iberostar – whose scission gave rise to Orizonia – and Globalia).

Of those four groups the first movement occurred in 2006 when Iberortar decided to stop being a vertical group to concentrate on the hotel business, and sold to Carlyle its issuing activity that gave rise to the Orizonia group (Viajes Iberia, Iberojet and Iberworld).

Although, strictly speaking, should that go back to the year 2000, when the Barceló Group sold to First Choice your Barcelo travel agency and its tour operator Turavia in Exchange for a major package of actions that, in fact, turned the Mallorcan in reference of the British Group shareholders. Barceló, like years later of Iberorstar, aimed to concentrate on the activity hotel, much more profitable than the tour operation and agencies. But three years later Barceló recovered the agency exercising its right of acquisition priority, while Marsans was about to buy it to First Choice.

So that the first step to the concentration on the Spanish market was traumatically, when in 2010 broke the Marsans group. And the second step was also traumatic, when three years later broke Orizonia, leaving in the sector to just two groups: Globalia and Barceló. The first survivor born and undisputed leader after thirty years that it was founded by Juan José Hidalgo. The second, taking advantage of the bankruptcy of Orizonia to grow your agency and your tour operation.

And when everything seemed to indicate that the market of the large tourist groups in Spain was in the hands of two actors, have emerged two new candidates who aspire to their piece of share, Wamos and Gowaii. Although still far away to shadow to Globalia and Barcelo, and its future is not entirely clear.

Is two new groups that, in principle, appeared as one single, caught hand. Was a first in 2014 when the owner of Gowaii, Javier Diaz, was presented as a partner and Max Manager of the group that had formed with the financial support of the Springwater, Fund by purchasing a Royal Caribbean of the business not of Pullmantur, formed by Nautalia, Pullmantur Air and the tour operation cruises.

But two months later was clear lack of harmony between both partners and each has followed different paths. Springwater has dubbed Wamos his group, while Gowaii (which currently maintains a 20% Wamos, although it says that it has put it on sale) that is growing without the background. Has created a hotel chain and is considering entering air industry.

At the moment, Wamos and Gowaii are two new players who have everything to prove. We’ll see how it develops this summer.


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