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Hard rock already has permission to operate a casino in the costa daurada


To enforce the award of such authorization, the American Group will have to pay a deposit of EUR 10 million within a period of ten working days starting from tomorrow, amount which includes the three million euros to Hard Rock contributed the 28 June as a provisional guarantee to be able to participate in the […]

They found the second black box of the plane that crashed in cuba


The information was made public in televised statements of Armando Daniel López, President of the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba and leading Government Commission appointed to investigate the facts. The work to clarify the causes of the incident began within hours of the accident and after the first actions it was possible to recover […]

Is technology a differentiatorij


So said Ovidio Andres, owner and President of Logitravel; the question of whether technology is a factor of differentiation, launched at the second panel of the Forum Hosteltur 2018, a debate that also involved Gabriel Subías, CEO of Ávoris Reinventing Travel; PEP Cañellas – CEO of W2M; and as international guest Steve Heapy, CEO of […]

How to buy another company you can make bigger or sink you


This aspect was tackled in the second panel of the Forum Hosteltur 2018 on “Models of intermediation and growth”, also involving Pep Cañellas, CEO of W2M; and as international guest Steve Heapy, CEO of the British airline and its tour operator Jet2holidays. Ovid Andres ensures that Logitravel is “absolutely focused on organic growth”, in […]

Thus operate the massive scams in tourism internet and whatsapp


The swindled money now exceeds 40,000 euros, as reported in a note the head top of police of La Rioja, who added that the investigation of the so-called “operation Repeclash” began in may 2016, before the great proliferation of scams carried out to through internet by offering web platform of great national broadcasting. The method […]

Hotelbeds ratifies javier aravalo as director of ancillary bank


The company has announced also – in line with the growth strategy of the company – the incorporation of three local teams of new creation in the area of sales and procurement in order to ensure the success of cross-sell actions focused on the more 60,000 out of the bedbank worldwide. In a statement, he […]

Hm hotels will build a 4 star 180 rooms in palma


In particular, chain run by Toni Horrach plans to knock down the property located at calle Santiago Ramón y Cajal and instead build a 4-star 183 rooms. Since the chain explained HOSTELTUR tourism news that to carry out this project be allocated 8.5 million euros.

Benidorm hoteliers fight for a3 more in imserso


Don’t ask anything extraordinary, just that it increase by three euros – 21 rate current hotels euros per person and day – for “stop working losses” being over the link in the chain suffered increased wear. Benidorm hoteliers fight for €3 more in the ImsersoY it seems that the Government has will not only listen […]

The three commandments of facebook to sell travel


Thus it was announced Nikhilesh Ponde, director of global strategy at travel of Facebook, which has participated in Phocuswright in Amsterdam Conference this week. And be relevant to the consumer, in the digital world of today, means to customize marketing campaigns to the maximum, in the appropriate channels, in a more timely…

The julia group had a turnover of a 356 million 15 more


Strengthen the internationalization strategy that the company has developed in recent years, turnover in the foreign market has meant about 60% of its sales. In this regard, emphasizes group Julia landing in Rome, with the start of the operation of the tourist bus “I love Rome City Tour”, in the first quarter of 2017, or […]

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