Asia will reach a capacity of 22 million cruise passengers in 2015

From 2013, Asia cruise passengers capacity has increased by 20% and is expected to reach almost 2.2 million in 2015.

The cruise lines International Association (CLIA) has today published the results of the study on the trends of the cruise industry in Asia that reveal that the industry in Asia is experiencing a double-digit growth in what refers to ships, passengers, and ports. Based on these results, CLIA has identified the main trends in the cruise industry in Asia.

The capacity of carrying passengers continues to rise with the presence of new boats and larger in the region. The Asian region has quickly advanced to the fourth position in the deployment of the ability of travelers, equaling to Australasia .

These are some of the trends that points CLIA:

Increase of Asian passengers. With the increase of the capacity of the ships, Asians are traveling on cruise ship more than ever. The cruise companies received nearly 1.4 million of Asian passengers in 2014, representing a growth rate of 34% from 2012.

Increase in the Chinese cruise passengers. From 2012 to 2014, the number of Chinese passengers has grown by 79% a year. In 2014, 697.000 passengers came mainly from China, a figure that is almost similar to the of the total of other Asian markets (701.000).

Cruise ship passengers under the age of 40. Generation Chinese “and” – aged below 35 years old – is that performs most of the trips abroad, according to the statistics of the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF). The cruise industry is becoming echo of this trend. In four of the largest markets cruise (China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines), more than 4 of every 10 passengers were under the age of 40.

More boats cruise in Asia. This year, 52 cruise ships will operate in Asia, representing an annual growth of 10% from 2013. The number of cruises and tours of long-haul in the region has also increased with 1,065 departures scheduled this year, which represents an increase of more than 11% to the year. There has also been a significant increase in the number of days that cruise ships are operating, 4.307 days in 2013 to 5824 days in 2015.

First discover Asia. Although the Asian tourism is expanding all over the world, the study reveals that the Asian cruise passengers are opting to first explore the destinations in Asia. More than nine in ten of these tourists (91%) sailed on a cruise in Asia. The remaining 9% was decanted for destinations outside the region, mostly in Europe, followed by Alaska and the Caribbean.

Proliferation of ports. The region brings together more than 168 destinations in 18 countries, which makes that travel in cruise is one of the easiest ways to discover all that Asia has to offer. The incorporation of new ports throughout Asia is great news for travellers, but also for local economies. With an absolute increase of 34% in port scales from 2013, the cruise companies are bringing more visitors to destinations in Asia, resulting in a direct impact on economic growth in the region. Japan leads the ranking with 646 port stops planned in 2015, followed by Malaysia (with 580), Korea South (with 377), Singapore and Thailand (with 374 each).

Short routes.Depending on the market, many Asians have limited vacations. Therefore, the shorter cruise routes tend to be preferred by Asian customers. Thus, in 2014 a 48% of Asian passengers chose itineraries of 4 to 6 days, while 38% chose cruises of 2-3 nights, and only 12% opted for trips of 7 to 13 nights.

Attracting the Asian traveller. The cruise companies have recognized the need to bring their best ships and amenities to the region. New offerings on board, custom-made for Asian passengers, incorporate activities for all members of the family, shops of high range and menus adapted to include the family and regional cuisine.

“It is exciting that for the first time, we know the true size of the Asian emerging markets and are able to extend our knowledge of the growth and potential of the Asian industry”, said Adam M. Goldstein, Global President of CLIA. “2015 will be a year that will break records in Asia with more cruise passengers in the region than ever before. “Industry is responding by offering more cruises with experiences tailored for Asian passengers, as well as perfect for international travelers with an easy way to visit the fascinating collection of destinations Asia boasts”.


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