Argentina retains up to 28 of their earnings to the hosts of airbnb

It is estimated that in Argentina the platform offers more than 25,000 accommodations, half in Buenos Aires City, and in a year offer grew by 67%, becoming – as in all parts of the world-the main enemy of the hotels, which see a competitor with v in the platform entage, because not being covered or included within the tax system, can offer better rates. (See: informal tourist rental: the black shadow) But March began with news for the hosts, some of whom noted that banks held them up to 28% of earnings of Airbnb transferred them. According to published Ambito Financiero, platform sent a statement to their hosts in which it explained that “from March 1, 2018 our members in banks, payment providers, in Argentina began to withhold and remit the tax on earnings on” transactions in dollars, in accordance with the regulations issued by the 830/2000 General resolution issued by the Federal Administration of public income (AFIP) “.” It is not Airbnb which assumes office, but who offer accommodation. No one will retain all the hosts the same percentage, that will depend on the condition in which each one is. The Monotaxpayers will have no withholdings until they reach the annual ceiling laid down by the AFIP in the category in which you are enrolled; the responsible registered will be retention in the amounts received when Airbnb payments exceed the limit of 5,000 pesos a month (US $ 245,8) and retention will be 6% of the exceeded amount once you exceed the 90 pesos (US $ 4.4). Finally, those who are not registered before the body collector will have a 28% withholding of received money to rent an apartment or room. Argentina retains up to 28% of its profits to AirbnbAnte hosts these changes, Martín Waserman, Manager of public policy of Airbnb, said to be “at the disposal of those hosts that require greater clarity about withholdings made by local payment processors”and suggests that”consult with a tax advisor about your particular situation or AFIP”. On the other hand, before the end of March expected the Government to regulate the tax reform passed in Congress at the end of 2017, which establishes, among other things, that the value added tax will also reach foreign companies that they render services in the country, as it is case of Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Homeaway, Airbnb. In all these cases, 21% will be added to the fare paid by the person who contracts the service. Long ago, when did recently shuffled the possibility of charging him to platforms using credit cards as withholding agents, Graciela Fresno, President of the Federation Empresaria Hotelera Gatronómica of Argentina (FEHGRA), said to HOSTELTUR LATAM that these companies if they are working in the country “should pay taxes, and the supply offered by these platforms also,” remarking that when a tourist stay in a place that is not within the law “the resource does not reach the society” Since it is much money which is perceived by not taxing them. Note hotels, agencies and gastronomic AFIP request details of the tax reform, employers in the sector raised that to compete, in a scenario of “drown Prosecutor” for Argentinian SMEs, was in dire need submit to platforms foreign digital to tax laws..

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