Andalucaa approves the regulation of the vacation homes

The Governing Council has approved the regulatory decree of dwellings for tourism, that integrates this type of accommodation in the formal offer and facilitate their coexistence with other modalities, as a fundamental part of the strengthening of the Andalucia destination. The Executive has also agreed to modify the regulation of tourist apartments, existing since 2010.

Decree, made with the consensus of the economic and social agents, gives legal cover to the vacation homes, thus giving response to the demands put forward by the industry before the rise of this formula in recent years.

The new standard establishes minimum quality and comfort requirements comparable to those of the rest of accommodations, in order to ensure the rights of users and to avoid situations of fraud, intrusion, illegal immigration, and unfair competition. In addition, ensures public safety by forcing the owners to carry out a documentary and informative record on travelers using this lodging.

Dwellings for tourism must have license of occupation and comply at all times with the technical conditions and fixed quality, including those relating to external ventilation, furniture, refrigeration, linens, tableware and first aid kit. Also, have to offer users tourist information of the area and leaves for complaints and claims, as well as a phone number for address and solve incidents during the stay.


With its integration into the formal offer, these dwellings must obligatorily entered in the Register of tourism of Andalusia and owners submit corresponding responsible Declaration to the beginning of the activity. The provision of the service of accommodation without this requirement shall be considered clandestine activity and, therefore, serious infringement. Also the registration code will be noted on all advertising or promotion by any means. Inspectorates of the Ministry of tourism and sport shall exercise the functions of verification and control of the fulfilment of the.

According to the Decree, are considered dwellings for tourism all those located in residential floor offering, by price, the hosting service on a regular basis and tourist purposes, i.e., with marketing and promotion through the channels of supply of this area (travel agencies mediating companies or organizers and media including possibility of reservation). The standard difference between complete housing, which are transferred in its entirety and whose maximum capacity can not exceed 15 squares, and the rooms housing, in which the owner must reside and which may not exceed six-seater.

Fall outside the scope of application of the Decree dwellings which are transferred without payment; the contracted by more than two months continued by one person (regulated in the LAU), and those in rural areas, which also have their own regulations.

Apartamentos Turísticos

Are also excluded the ensembles formed by three or more dwellings of one person owner located in a same building or group of buildings, contiguous or not. These sets are governed by decree 194/2010 of establishments of tourist apartments, text as amended is contained in the regulation adopted in order to complete the management of this type of accommodation differential dwellings for tourism.

Introduced change has adapted the standard to the reality of the tourism market to accommodate all the initiatives in the field of tourist apartments and facilitate their exploitation and the development of economic activity. Thus clarifies the assumptions which allow that these accommodations constitute regime of horizontal property or similar figures.

Also allowed that apartments can be placed on tourism and tertiary use floors. In its new wording decree requires the definition of this mode, establishing a system of exemptions you, incorporates the specialty of cave and flexibilized various requirements relating to the accreditation of the operating unit and display identification plates.


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