Airbnb enters cuba

Airbnb has begun to market accommodation in casas particulares in Cuba, which opens up a completely new stage not only in the tourist industry of the Caribbean island but in relations Cuban-estadonidenses.

The arrival of Airbnb to Cuba has been at the moment small scale. This is due both to technical difficulties (only 4 percent of Cuban households have internet access) to legal and legal complications since the trade embargo from the United States to Cuba, existing since the 1960’s, has not yet been lifted.

But in any case this movement from Airbnb is a declaration of intentions and arrives a few months that the U.S. President, Barack Obama, and that of Cuba, Raúl Castro announced the reopening of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

At the moment, the Airbnb web already offers 1,000 private houses in Cuba, in destinations like Havana, Camagüey, Holguín and Bayamo…

A market giant waiting transmitter

Airbnb comes to Cuba with a view to the opening of the American market issuer and ensures that accommodation private accommodations-based model will contribute to that island “maintain its unique character”, as one of the co-founders of the company, explained Nathan Blecharczyk. “The idea is to facilitate a growth that is not disruptive,” adds the Executive.

See also Cuba will receive three million U.S. tourists when lifting of the embargo.

In spite of that the trade embargo remains in place, last January the United States Government began to relax the permits for travel to Cuba, expanding the reasons for visit.

See also USA begins to open the tap of travel to Cuba as well as American companies begin to operate with Cuba.

A few months ago, Airbnb went to the United States Department of Commerce to allow him to operate in Cuba, although the content of these talks has not been revealed.

On the other hand, and according to Bloomberg, the operating model of Airbnb has had to adjust to the Cuba’s special circumstances. Around the world, guest book and pay online to Airbnb and company, after becoming a Commission of 3%, forwards the rest via bank transfer to the owner.

But in Cuba, due to the low internet penetration in the island and that many owners want to collect cash, moment Airbnb has had to rely on local intermediaries to manage reserves and establish a system of payment through a company specialized in forward foreign exchange, VaCuba, based in Florida, which pays on your behalf.

Airbnb in Cuba at the moment steps are small and with caution. But there is no doubt that, after putting a Pike in Flanders, their arrival on the island will mark a before and an after.


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