Agencies criticized the frivolity of some media in the case of germanwings

The Germanwings plane crash has generated a torrent of information which, in addition to details of the accident itself, has also run through parallel channels that the important thing was maintaining audience, rather than the rigor. This has been the case with the program ’ mirror public ’ Antena 3 which entitled, as you can see in the image, that ’Joseph saved because the Agency was wrong with the ticket’.

The ’ Group of agencies ’, which join more than 2,500 agents in Facebook, has approached this diary to express their discomfort what they regard as “another example” of as some media “degrade the sector of travel agencies”. And described as “false” the owner of Antena 3, since as affected explained in another way, there was no error, but change of ticket.

Case is that Josep Flaqué, a catalan businessman who had a ticket to fly the damaged Germanwings flight, saved because the day before changed the ticket due to an incident with your car. The interview did this traveler in the programme ’ mirror public ’ Antena 3 was as hasty and lacking in rigor, than on display impressed as the text “Joseph saved the life because the Agency is wrong with the Bill“, when in fact sought a change of ticket made in advance, and the interviewee did not mention anything about any error.

In fact, in another medium, Flaque says that he learned the accident by a wasap your travel agent sent him regular. The Group of agencies is outraged by what is considered “usual demeaning treatment” agencies, and bemoan the “false” information that receive millions of viewers, and that “not has been rectified. There is, despite being suspended,”conclude.


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