Aeromexico controls 40 of the offer between mexico and spain

Interview / Aeromexico, the first air group of the Aztec country and one of the leaders among Latin American Airlines, turned 80 years old in 2014 and more than 60 operating the route Madrid-Mexico City, market in which has achieved a double-digit growth and a 40% share. The company has just introduced its unaudited results adding 19 consecutive quarters in positive, with total revenues for the exercise of 42920 million pesos (2,527 M €), 7.7%, and benefits of 1,680 billion pesos (99 M €). The revista HOSTELTUR interviewed in its last edition the world director of sales for the airline, Jorge Goytortua.

How did them in 2014, particularly in the market between Mexico and Spain?

Have now reached 17.2 million passengers, an increase of 11% over the previous year. On the route between Mexico and Spain recorded a similar increase, with 184.700 passengers carried, and grow in these markets a double digit is a great achievement. Offer, without a doubt, the best product with the introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and then by night two frequencies since March, which represent an increase of 8% in the number of seats offered between Mexico and Spain. In the British merca-do, where two additional slots, we incorporate from April to June the fourth and fifth weekly frequencies that, more the daily frequency to Paris, we will be offering 21 frequencies per week between Europe and Mexico.

On the route Spain-Mexico, what is the proportion of both markets?

Sales, 40% of the passengers originated in the Spanish market and 60 percent in Mexico. It is a fact important and indicative that Spain remains a highly attractive destination for the Mexican market and for Aeromexico is the gateway of Europe and, through our SkyTeam partners, in this case, Air Europa, we reach the entire Spanish market. On the other hand, we have a very powerful mixture of segments since the Business, which is a major trigger for the economy, accounts for 40%; another 40 percent entertainment and 20% friends and family market.

and about the renewal of fleet?

Are in a great renewal process key to our growth in number of seats, close to 10%, although many aircraft come for replacement but with greater capacity. This year we have received the sixth and seventh B787, equipped with wifi. The regional 50-seater them are gradually replacing by teams of 77 and 99 seats and the fleet of mede radio, B737-700, B737-800.

what is the current airline positioning?

In terms of positioning, in 2014 we had significant growth in the participation of markets in Mexico, reaching a 36% share in the domestic and 16% in the international for a total of 26%. In the Latin American market, although not all countries report their numbers, Aeromexico, which already operates 85 destinations worldwide, presents a very important growth in several markets in the region. In December we begin the Mexico-managua route; This month we open Mexico-medellin, may Mexico-panama and Mexico-toronto and, in June, Mexico-boston; four new destinations that extend the network of the group in America. In the European market, exceeding 40% on the supply of seats and nearly 50% in Business. Between Spain and Mexico it is similar, with about 40% of the total and about 50% on Premium.

old average has the fleet?

Is a modern and efficient fleet with 8.1 years and renewal will be in around
for six years. Something very important, we have a strategy of cost, with a discilplina of costs and flexibility on the issue of the fleet, and what I consider the most relevant, always maintaining our raison d ’ être: the service to the passenger, to invest with this objective in technology and services to enhance your travel experience.

how many aircraft make up the fleet?

Now 125 aircraft and will be closing the year with 126 because the new replacement but with greater capacity. Remember the big bet that the Group made by the airline for a couple of years, when it was announced the largest investment in history by a Mexican company to buy 100 Boeing aircraft, 90 B737 and 10 B787, which will allow us to have growth as very important in the next few years in the number of destinationsOptimizing and unifying our fleet in Embraer and Boeing’s single-aisle in the short and medium haul and Boeing Dreamliner in the long RADIUS; generate efficiencies, product quality and a better experience for the passenger, and it will give us the opportunity to make that Mexico, in turn, is to not only Spanish traveller entry to our country but to all Latin America and West of the United States, which is complicated enough reach to Spanish passenger.

do challenges see this year?

We believe that they are rather opportunities, further differentiating ourselves, developing and growing in different markets, especially after the reforms carried out in Mexico and that they will drive the economy that will grow in a sustained and relevant over the next five years, with important projects in which Spanish construction companies are major participants, luring the Spanish market.

The emblem of Mexico airline operates 630 daily flights with a fleet of 125 aircraft Embraer and Boeing’s next-generation, including the new B787 Dreamliner. Its network extends to 85 destinations, which will add this year in America and more frequencies to Madrid, London, and Shanghai.

Full text of the interview with Jorge Goytortua, global sales director for the Mexican airline interview with Jorge Goytortua, global director of sales Aeromexico…

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