AENA makes his debut on stock exchange with hikes of up to 20%

The Manager aroportuario Aena has had a seemingly successful debut in his bag. Booting the quotes with the price set at 58 euros per share, registered increases of 20% to mark a maximum of more than 69 euros. The Minister of development, Ana Pastor, has expressed their satisfaction with this beginning: “things are going very well”, he said. Thursday, the titles of Aena reached a price of 73,58 euros, with a maximum of 73.7 euros and a 69.5 EUR minmo.


    pastor has pointed out that “according to all the experts, the operation is proving very positive for Spain and all Spaniards”, reiterating what has been holding in the last few months that this partial privatization of 49% it does not that he is selling the company or ceases to be public with 51 percent controlled by the State but that resultin a better “coordination and cohesion” of the functioning of the network of Spanish airports.

    Aena, rated by analysts of “solid” and “very good”, as refected Bolsamanía, at its 1st meeting marked a first quote 65,10 euro, one 12% increase over the starting price set at 58 euros, presenting rises later aged 18 to 20% with a maximum at 69,45 euros and a minimum of 65 euros. However, could drop to have begun in the highest part of the indicative band.

    According to experts consulted by Bolsamanía, “a good option is to wait for prices to stabilize to enter“, whereas the Manager aeroporuraio is a “very strong” company and the dividend payment potential.

    On the outskirts of the Madrid Stock Exchange building, the Aena employees demonstrated against the privatization.


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