Access to the cockpit of the aircraft hangs from the inside in the wake of 911

Cockpit was the area of the plane that suffered more changes after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, to be able to block from within Access, although the numerical code is entered from outside, and count with three cameras, pilots can control what happens on the door of access to it. This system allowed the Copilot to prevent the return of the captain to the cockpit of the plane of Germanwings.

Security on airplanes is maximized around the cockpit with three external cameras: one located immediately at the door access, again later to see if someone is behind the person who tries to enter and another side, which allows you to see what happens between the boarding gate and catering service.

Raúl Vicente, official on leave from the State of Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), points out that in the event that one of the pilots out of the cockpit and emergency code, from within it can be locked access and “there may be failures in the system”.

Responsible for instruction of crew member of cabin of the Academy of aviation Dream Flyers, Beatriz Valencia, has explained that, so authorized crew can not in any way access to the pilots, cabin it is necessary that from the inside are blocking the door.

In case of emergency, have a specific emergency code that opens the door, but that the pilot has the possibility of their annulment with the lock button.

According to Raúl Vicente, who participated in the investigation of the accident of the aircraft of Swiftair which crashed in Mali on July 24, 2014 and which killed 116 people, of which six Spanish – crew members – has described as “very positive” reaction from the French GovernmentSpanish and German, before an investigation that all “are doing their part”.

First of all, asked for caution because the research process is “very long” involving many people in various working groups first collecting evidence and recovering traces and after, analyzing the wreckage of the plane, that size of Germanwings, could take ’at least two years’.


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