A report from the european commission denounced the labor precariousness of new pilots

“Anomalies labor in aviation” study, prepared by the University of Ghent with funding from the European Commission, denounces the “casualization” of new pilots and their implications for aviation safety. “an alarming number of pilots are working without direct relationship with the airline for which pilot, especially in the low cost ’’, signal. ” And warns that this situation poses a risk to aviation safety.

The study, which was presented in February and discussed on Thursday in the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, two days after a Germanwings aircraft passing in the Alps, highlights a “dramatic rise” of the self-employed and the “false self-employed”.

But the seconds are in a worse situation, according to the study picked up by eldiario.es, because they are usually hired through middlemen in order that the parent company Dodge in some way the payment of taxes or Social security contributions: “seven of every ten pilots hired as freelancers working for company low-cost“.

The document indicates that you are used “to the status of autonomous” to hide what is actually a regular employment that should have the status of an employee. In this way, “given an unfair competitive advantage for those airlines that rely on these contracts and distort the market the aviació n”.

Among its conclusions, the University of Ghent, which interviewed more than 6,000 people, highlights that an 20% of the drivers in Europe are already self-employed. Many are working for an temporary employment agency, as workers on their own or with the so-called contracts, that they do not require any compensation and allow a pilot working free, especially if it lacks experience.

Effects on safety

“Precarization increases the risk of the insecurity of this industry,” warns the report. “More than half of the surveyed autonomous pilots seeks to improve their conditions”, adds.

“Up to 40% of drivers aged between 20 and 30 years are flying without being directly employed by their airline,” according to the document. Even “there are cases in which the pilot, to get fly, knows that need to gain experience and then pay at the airline, producing a subsidy full-fledged”.

“This is an direct financial exploitation,” concludes the report. “the young pilots suffer a disproportionate pressure”, the report says Emmanuel Jahan, President of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Civil Aviation, a kind of social Council at European level seeking to bring the social partners in this sector.


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