A forensic audit of the accounts of fetave uncovers the thunder in ceav box

Forensic audit of the accounts of the Business Federation of territorial associations of agencies of trips (FETAVE) by its President, Mª Cruz Pérez Valdivielso, after access to the post in June, appears to be behind the clash between the Federation and the Spanish Confederation of travel agencies (CEAV), which has culminated with the expulsion of the Confederation.

“Has been necessary to make deep changes affecting not only our Organization, and to demand what belongs to all our partners, based on the forensic audit of the accounts of her Federation, was uncovered in CEAV. Thunder box” As it was of waiting, changes do not like to set power, which sees jeopardize its comfortable State and defended based on slurs and personality that, fatal’s best arguments, they accuse others”, says FETAVE in a letter to its partner agencies.

The same letter states that “we are astonished with this reaction [the expulsion of CEAV] unexpected, partisan and unfair CEAV, Rafael Gallego President, that only we can interpret as a new desperate effort to increase the pressure and the smear campaign which is orchestrating from certain elements participate in the own CEAV”.

Is the latest chapter in a serial which has culminated with the expulsion of FETAVE (heir to the defunct AEDAVE) by CEAV, and who has returned to segregate the associationism of agencies after a few years to achieve the long-awaited sector unit after decades of split around AEDAVE and FEAAV.

In June everything was prepared so that representatives from the Asociación valenciana de FETAVE to do with the Presidency of the Federation, which up to then was in the hands of Adolfo Matt, of the Association of Castilla y León. But the results of the election were not expected and was chosen Mª Cruz Pérez Valdivielso, former President of AEDAVE Castilla y León and mother of Maté.

The first thing that made the new policy was to deepen the audit of the accounts of FETAVE, which had already started to killed. The most visible result was the exit in the direction of José Ricardo Campuzano.


Months later, at the beginning of the 2015, FETAVE registers low them two of their associations. First of Valencia and later of Castilla – La Mancha, leave the Federation. And 6 February takes place an extraordinary General meeting of CEAV decides where the expulsion of FETAVE.

In response to this expulsion

FETAVE send a burofax to CEAV which questioned the legality of the initiative taken, arguing on the basis of various articles of the regulations of the Confederation, and announced that if it is not answered their challenge to the expulsion request, it will turn to legal, by judicial demand.

While in CEAV ensures that everything is motivated because the change in the governing bodies of FETAVE “has led to that the Federation has placed the personality and the pursuit of the limelight, the common interests that unite us”.


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