42 of spanish enterprises have active account on social networks

42% of Spanish micro enterprises are actively in social networks. One of every two manages his profile on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, according to a report “Business development and social networking”, developed by the Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Red.es. However, only one-third of them serves them directly, since they ignore the benefits provided. However, two out of ten States have a significant return of some of its actions on those platforms, and one of every three users has encouraged other companies to use them. The study also highlights the lack of planning and strategy of small enterprises present in these networks.

The report indicates that eight out of ten micro-enterprises that manage your presence on social networks, uses Facebook; four out of ten use Twitter, Linkedin three, two Google and two Youtube.

Also points out that the management of these platforms is not professionalized. In fact, in three out of four is responsible for internal personal non-specialist. Even frequent a sharing–professional and personal–especially Google and Facebook. One of every five micro has specialized in-house staff and it is more common to find this figure on the three to nine employees.

Only one of every 25 that have managed the presence not plan contents published on social networks or made content specific. One-third of which have managed presence access them daily, while the rest served them occasionally.

The study, which was based on 600 telephone surveys and several in-depth interviews to those responsible for the management of social networks in small businesses, points out that the use of the same in this kind of companies has polarized between the most active, serving them every day and the restwhich are users of low-intensity and dedicate them little attention. Companies that use more networks belong to the sector of professional activities, scientific and techniques.The report also highlights that the tourism sector uses them to boost their chances and gain greater visibility.


The main objectives pursued is to provide information about your business and show products or services, spread events and other actions, be known, communicate with other companies and customers and get new users. More than half has no presence managed social media because it does not perceive these benefits in the form of new customers or a higher volume of business.

The firms without employees and self-employed and individual entrepreneurs are used to manage the presence your business digital and used them more than those workers.

Facebook is the only social network for 35% of Spanish companies that have a profile on social networks. And more than one-third of them performs her daily updates.

There is a less-developed digital culture in companies who only use Facebook, while those having account in other platforms have a company blog. The report highlights that 90% of micro-enterprises that have account in any network that is not Facebook, it also has in this.

Twitter is the second most popular social network and the most widely used second after Facebook. Seven out of ten respondents referred to it as the ’social network who know’ and 17% maintain account managed it. It is most used in cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants, feature that Twitter share with LinkedIn and Google . With regard to the frequency of the updates using Twitter is similar to the Facebook: a third makes them daily.

On the other hand, face the future, these companies recognize that it intends to use social networks in a moderate fashion. Only two of every 10 who are not yet users contemplate this option.


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